EARS seeks to tell the complex story of the dynamics of religion. These dynamics touch on many societal issues and therefore understanding them is not only an academic matter but definitely also a societal one.

The need to understand the complexity of religious developments is increasingly important and this is why EARS tries make its knowledge available and applicable to society at large. Within the debate on religion EARS strives to seek the nuance instead of further polarizing the debate. Therefore, EARS gathers academic knowledge, furnished by its members, and makes it available on different platforms.

In doing so, EARS tries to contribute, from its own narrative, to the debate on values, societal cohesion, and the challenges and threats of religion. It wants to act both as a think tank and function as a hub for society. Such an approach will also contribute to other perceptions of the role of theology and religious studies. Through its activities, EARS wants to contribute to Europe’s shared narrative, but also to advocate for a new approach regarding the cultural role of theology itself and, indeed, religious studies.