Talía Jiménez Romero

Talía Jiménez Romero

From a young age, I received a bilingual education in both French and Spanish. Between 2014 and
2019, I pursued my Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology at the University of Havana. During this period, I
developed a keen interest in religious practices within the Cuban social context, which led me to
conduct research on Judaism in Cuba and participate in a study on various religious practices within a
Havana neighborhood.

In 2020, I was awarded a scholarship that enabled me to pursue my Master’s studies in Religious and
Social Sciences at the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon (France). During this time, I embarked on
an in-depth research journey into ecospirituality, a topic that continues to captivate me to this day.

Currently, I am diligently working on my PhD in Theology at the University of Strasbourg (France),
where my focus lies in understanding the far-reaching implications of the concept of ecospirituality
developed by the Swiss ecotheologian Michel Maxime Egger.

My primary research interests center around contemporary expressions of spirituality in both French
and European contexts. This fascination has driven me to explore the intricate relationship between
religion/spirituality and ecological practices.

In my free time I like to play chess, cook and play the ukulele.

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