Announcing the new EARS dashboard

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Announcing the new EARS dashboard

We are proud to announce the launch of the new EARS dashboard! With brand new functionalities and an updated design, the religious dashboard is easier to use and can provide you with new insights into religion and society.

The dashboard is a large database of summaries from European media articles on religion and society. With several graphs and other functionalities, the tool enables users to gain new insights into the role of religion in today’s European society. An updated design and brand new functionalities now make this even easier. It can be a tool to help you in your research or studies, as it provides insights into how religion is visible in everyday life with a Europe-wide focus. On top of that, the dashboard is free to use.

Updates and new functionalities include:

  • Global developments were added as a filter. These developments are objective, universal, and important around the world. They are not necessarily directly linked to religion, but rather show how religion intertwines with them.
  • People and entities can now be selected as a filter. This allows you to see how, for example, the European Union, Pope Francis, or Vladimir Putin appeared in the European news.
  • New navigation allows you to find the exact information you are looking for.
  • Updated design makes it easier to find and share insights.

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