EARS dashboard: Understanding religion

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EARS dashboard: Understanding religion

Religion has a tremendous impact on our daily lives, actions, and behaviour. How can we use the dashboard to analyse this effect?


Religion has a tremendous impact on our daily lives. It explains a lot of our actions, reactions, and societal behaviour. The EARS dashboard aims to provide insights and information on the effect religion has on daily life. It especially focuses on the role of religion in European society.

The dashboard aims to inform and to structure information. The tool is free to use and enables visitors to analyse the thousands of articles included, based on topic, country, and timeframe.

Article scope

The dashboard is kept up to date by a team of 20+ analysts from across the globe. They keep track of the news from their native country and other countries they are closely familiar with.

The sources consulted include newspapers, magazines, and blogs. Analysts judge the relevance of each article based on various criteria. The three most important criteria are as follows:

  • Does this article consider religion?
  • Does this article consider Europe?
  • Is this article relevant to broader society?

After choosing an article, it is summarised in English and connected to relevant keywords. By making use of keywords, the dashboard allows users to easily classify and analyse articles relating to a particular topic or keyword.

Finally, each article summary is reviewed by another analyst before it is published on the dashboard. The summaries on the dashboard always include a link to the original article. The copyrights of all sources are owned by the source, not by EARS.

Interpreting information

We strive to digest a few hundred articles a month. This means that we do not cover everything. Rather, we aim to inform and to allow the user to analyse the information in the dashboard. Please note that not all countries and topics are equally covered. Therefore, the tables and graphs are based on the information included in the dashboard only.

Using the dashboard

The dashboard can be used free of charge. This article includes a step-by-step plan of using the tool. If you would like to extend your search beyond the last quarter, you can create an account to make use of advanced search. Read more about enabling advanced search here.

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