Perspectives on 2021

Perspectives on 2021

Below, you will find the articles published in the book Perspectives on 2021. Each individual article contains all sources and several related articles. Enjoy reading!


Religious appropriation: The right to be offended?

How mindfulness was reinvented by removing its Buddhist roots

Why is a fast celebrated in a secular society?

Is it legitimate to wear religious symbols in the workplace?

Poland – an example of delayed secularisation?

The Christian symbolism in The Lord of the Rings
EARS - Poetry and religion
Does Christianity need poetry?
House of One Berlin interfaith EuropeHouse of One: What is driving Europe’s newest interfaith project?Are ‘holidays’ more inclusive than ‘Christmas’?


Insights from the dashboard: Leadership and COVID-19
EARS - Communion
Communion during confinement

Long-term impact: COVID-19 and the British Jewish community
EARS - Empty Church
Coronavirus crisis affects church membership

Coronavirus and the transhuman future

The Vatican’s complex history with vaccines
EARS - COVID vaccine
Building confidence in the vaccine amongst British Muslims

COVID-19 and freedom of religion

The problematic use of the Star of David for protest in the COVID era
Faith-based food assistance in times of the pandemic


Austrian education on religion in a transformation process

Islam and the educational gender gap in Europe
EARS - Belgian street view
Ancient structures under fire in Belgian education
EARS - School in Norway
Christianity and controversies in Norwegian education
EARS - Religious education in Portugal
Balanced religious education at Portuguese public schools
EARS - Secular Education in France
From state atheism to religious education

Dutch Religious Education: A fine line?

Coping with diversity in Religious Education in Germany
EARS - Secular Education in France
A secular teaching of religious facts

Insights from the dashboard: Education across Europe

The commercialisation of knowledge: Challenges and opportunities


Preaching to save the earth

Reformed churches versus the climate crisis

World religions calling for climate action at COP26

Insights from the dashboard: What are religious leaders doing about sustainability?


The far-right on the rise in Romania
EARS - Pope
The power of papal trips

Should churches be involved in politics?
EARS - Inaugural speech
The Hill We Climb: A prayer for unity sowing division?

What are the religious roots of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

Should Biden be given the Eucharist?

Are church and state really separated? The cases of Italy and Sweden

France: Fighting Muslims or Islamist separatism?

A harmonious relationship? Angela Merkel and the German Jewish community


Does religion make you happy?

Spirituality as a tool to battle mental illness

Leaving religion behind

Inquiries into past abuses in the Catholic Church

Breaking the silence: Awareness of spiritual abuse in UK religious communities


Is there room for Jews and Muslims in Europe?

How empowering can theology be? Europe and Black theology

Inclusion on whose terms? The Church of Sweden and the Roma minority in Sweden

Cancel culture: An introduction

Tolerance and reluctance: Afghanistan and the Catholic Church
Religions disabilities
Do religions objectify people with disabilities?

The LGBTQ+ community: Loved or unaccepted by evangelical churches?
EARS - Vatican flag
The Vatican on gay marriage
Data from the dashboard shows inequality across Europe


The rule of Croatian nationalism and Roman Catholicism
Normativity Catholicism Irish religion church
Normativity and Catholicism in a changing Irish landscape

Political correctness in Italy

Awareness of normativity as a tool for dialogue

Navigating religious freedoms within a secularising society


Can AI replicate religious leaders and rituals?

AI and privacy in Europe

New tech, politics, and old religion: What is the future of technology in religion?

Swipe right for a wife: The curious phenomenon of Christian dating websites
EARS - Japanese religions
Gokuism: The anime religion